About the Project

The “Reverse Mentoring for Improving e-Skills Adults for Digital Competences: Mentoring Change” project aims to train mentors on how to develop a better understanding on an individual’s soft skills, job role preferences, and learning styles and to teach in an engaging and innovative way digital competences, so that mentors can better advise adults on how to articulate this constellation of skills to improve their employability prospects.

Project Aims and Objectives

  • (1) Publicly demonstrate the project’s support for the implementation of the “New Skills for New Jobs” strategy 100% 100%
  • (2) Create upskilling pathways, improving accessibility, and increasing take-up of adult education 100% 100%
  • (3) Enhance cooperation between educational institutions and businesses 100% 100%
  • (4) Develop guidelines for mentoring and training programs, with particular emphasis on learning digital competencies for adults 100% 100%
  • (5) Create support for adult educators with an attractive, practical, and innovative methodology promoting high quality in adult education institutions 100% 100%
  • (6) Structure of a different “mentoring” that focuses more on the relationship of each adult “mentee”, their digital skills deficiencies and mismatches than on the structure from which it is realized, improving considerably their professional and work competencies 100% 100%
  • (7) Share lessons learned and best practices identified among project partners and stakeholders in the wider EU context 100% 100%