Our Partners

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Betania Legio (Spain)

Betania Legio is a consultancy that strives to contribute to the success of their clients by listening and attending to their needs and presenting a close and personalized service. Some of the current projects reflect the organization’s experience, trajectory and success as a company. Betania Legio includes a consolidated team of experts and highly qualified personnel, such as university professors that can assist in the preparation, writing, presentation and management of all types of projects in fields, such as R&D&I, education, culture, employment, and territorial development or integration. Betania Legio has extensive experience in adult training in companies. The organization also encourages entrepreneurship, especially the development of social entrepreneurship and offers training for acquiring skills for employment and self-employment, career development, career management, development and management of small businesses.

🌐 http://betanialegio.es/

Comparative Research Network (CRN) (Germany)

The Comparative Research Network focuses on the field of adult education and research. More precisely, the CRN focuses on intercultural competences, intergeneration learning, mobility, and migration. The network also pays particular attention in launching and realizing activities related to the evaluation and dissemination processes. CRN is based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2007, it has been participating in Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, REC, national and local progammes. Apart from scientific research, CRN is actively involved in teaching and cultural activities that link the realm of ideas with everyday experience. CRN works internationally and cross-culturally. Only through thoughtful comparison can we interpret our local reality, render it more comprehensible and develop strategies to address critical issues that affect our everyday lives. CRN performs research both as a partner within international consortia as within the scope of its own projects. CRN publishes a working paper series that communicates the work of its members to a wider audience.

🌐 https://crnonline.de/

Eurospeak (Ireland)

Eurospeak Ireland is an educational technology company dedicated to delivering educational products and training. It delivers online English language classes tailored to the needs of individuals and groups, as well as design and develop innovative educational tools such as e-courses, online assessments, and more. Its diverse team of teachers, researchers and IT specialists make it possible to produce high-quality learning materials that meet the demands of today’s ever-evolving society. Additionally, Eurospeak specializes in helping disadvantaged groups, whom they aim to support through participation in Erasmus+ projects. Eurospeak promotes actions that take an innovative and creative approach to the inclusion of marginalised groups such as migrants, refugees, the unemployed, LGBT+, and older people. It also has extensive experience in the areas of adult education and teacher training and competence development. It has a long history of engaging and working with employers and employees from a wide range of sectors

🌐 https://www.eurospeak-ireland.com/

The University of Cyprus (KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence) (Cyprus)

The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) operates under the auspices of the University of Cyprus. The Center was established in 2008. In 2017, KIOS advanced into a Research and Innovation Center of Excellence. In close collaboration with Imperial College London, KIOS has successfully secured over 40 million euros funding through the EU’s strategic Horizon 2020 program for “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation – Teaming”. The KIOS CoE strives to conduct interdisciplinary research and innovation and produce new knowledge and tools that can be applied to solve real-life problems. It collaborates with an extended network of national and international academic, industrial, and governmental organizations to assure that its research has maximal applicability and impact.

🌐 https://www.kios.ucy.ac.cy/about-us-kios-at-a-glance/

Social Hackers Academy (Greece)

Social Hackers is a non-profit organization which aims to support vulnerable groups, including refugees, migrants, and unemployed individuals in gaining access to quality tech education that leads to employment and a future-proof career. Social Hackers aspires to contribute to creating a world where solidarity prevails and everyone has equal opportunities. This step can be achieved through access to quality education and the labour market. It specializes in the development of training programmes in specific areas of skills development, connecting adult learners with mentoring for many years. The trainers and advisers also specialize in supporting those who are disadvantaged in the workplace and understanding the needs of older workers, who can be marginalized through outdated skills and knowledge.

🌐 https://socialhackersacademy.org/